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GSOC 2012 Update: Test the New Architecture with DummyPayment

As schedule, I've finished coding out DummyPayment and using it as a proof of concept for the new architecture my mentors and I designed for the Payment module. All what DummyPayment does is recording the payment data and updating the payment status. I've created a mock order form for easy testing at /test/order/placeOrder. Upon submission, DummyPayment will process a payment of $10 using the designed API.

I'll modify DummyPayment a little bit with the feedback from my mentors and the community. After that, the next step is incorporating PayPalExpressCheckout and then PayPal Merchant Hosted payment. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it within one week after my vacation from 5-12 June.

Keep an eye for more updates soon!


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