Javascript Load File Data

Javascript is designed to disallow file loading of any kind unless the file is chosen by the user. That means if you want to load, for example, an image file from a remote url and read the file data, it's not possible. However, that can be easily achieved with the ...(more);

Ruby on Rails: Screen Scraping with Nikogiri and OpenURI

Screen scraping in Ruby on Rails can be done very easily with Nokogiri and OpenURI. All you need to do is: require 'open-uri' require 'nokogiri' doc = Nokogiri::HTML(open(target_url)) That returns a Nokogiri HTML document, which you can use to search for the wanted data using, ...(more);

GSOC 2012: Final Evaluation Update

We've reached the end of GSOC. From the mid-term to this point, the API has been through some major changes, most of which have to do with validation and error handling. Particularly, the changes include: Providing a systematically for catching validation and gateway errors. Validation errors are thrown as exceptions ...(more);

Heroku: Zerigo Reassign Domains

The Zerigo addon on Heroku gave me a lot of trouble when it came to managing all the domains for all the apps. By default, each Heroku app is associated with a Zerigo account, resulting in a mess when you have a lot of apps and domains to manage. When ...(more);

GSOC 2012: Mid-term Update

So I'm here, half way through GSOC 2012. At this point the Payment module architecture is quite solid and tested well. PayPal payment is already finished and works well with PayPal Sandbox (I haven't tested it on a live site though). I have also set up some unit testing to ...(more);

Why Go Out?

I just came a across this article Why go out? by Sheila Heti and it struck me real hard. It's about the reasons behind socializing and whether or not we can live without it. I'm not going to analyze or reiterate the points in the article. I just want to ...(more);

SilverStripe Payment Module New Architecture

I'm currently doing Google Summer of Code with SilverStripe for the Improve Payment Module project. Basically the project aims to refactor the Payment module, a very important part of SilverStripe ecommerce solutions, to make it more robust and flexible. Over the last few weeks during the community bonding period, my ...(more);