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Heroku: Zerigo Reassign Domains

The Zerigo addon on Heroku gave me a lot of trouble when it came to managing all the domains for all the apps. By default, each Heroku app is associated with a Zerigo account, resulting in a mess when you have a lot of apps and domains to manage.

When I decided to use only 1 Zerigo account for all the Heroku apps, it took me a while to figure out how to merge all the domains into 1 account. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Heroku app and click on the Zerigo addon. Click "Configure" to go to the Zerigo management portal.
  • In the management portal, click "Domain" >> "Tools" >> "Reassign domain"
  • Click "Generate a reassignment token" and get the token string
  • Go to the new account where you want to reassign the domain to and click on "add/import" >> "Added reassigned domain"
  • Enter the reassignment token and you're good to go!

Note that removing the Zerigo addon on your Heroku app doesn't delete the Zerigo account associated with the app. You need to explicitly reassign the domain as guided above or an annoying error "Domain is already associated to another account" will pop up when you add the domain to your new account. If you have already removed the addon, just add it again and you'll be able to access the existing management portal for the domain.

Personally I'd recommend not using the Zerigo addon at all. Instead, use one Zerigo account to manage all the domains you own and set them up with Heroku individually. Hopefully this usability problem will be solved by Heroku or Zerigo in the near future.


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