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I'm a software engineer at Amazon Web Services. I love to make and tinker with things.

My motto

Make stuff for fun and do things that matter. I don't do anything I hate and I don't hate anything I do.

My interests

I love anything that's cool - gadgets, software, life hacks, just anything that impresses me. Show me your "cool" product and I'll help you spread the word for free!

I'm also an avid traveler, loving to explore the beauty of the world a little at a time.

My passion

Software is eating my life. I write code everyday and love every moment of it. My journey in software has been colorful so far. I got the chance to work at both startups and tech giants, getting my hands on various fields in the industry from web frontend, backend, mobile to system and networking. I don't know what I'll try next, but I'm sure as hell looking forward to it.

About this blog

This blog is a collection of my thoughts on software engineering and life in general. It runs on the great open-source Ghost platform and uses Raphael Riegger's Minimalistic theme. Shout out to Raphael for putting his theme up for free!